Octo Kiteboard

This is a hand crafted board made by the local kiteboarder Todd Mitchell. Its a good size canvas and I had never painted on wood before so when Todd asked me to paint it, I was pretty excited. . Not exactly sure where the idea came from but I knew i wanted to keep the wood texture for the background. I knew i wanted to draw an octopus so i started with that. Then there where also some screw settings for the footpads so i incorporated them into the painting, and the Metal Munchers were born! Their silver tribal look is a result of their constant hunger for metal. The bamboo was a natural design choice since they could add to the overall composition without distracting too much from the focus. The Crimson Ape logo was made with a screen, and touched up by hand. Anyway, I really enjoyed painting this, and playing with the different mediums, techniques, and having a nice wood canvas to do it on.

Character DesignIllustrationPainting

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