Graphic Opens

A collection of animated intros from various projects. 01 Honeywell: Graphic open for video presentation, using purchased and custom made 3d models to create a space like environment to explore. 02 Geek Squad: Short logo bump for TV commercial. Hand animated ribbon in C4D, and particles system for snowflakes in After Effects. 03 System Syko: Logo branding, and animated intro for a friends Youtube channel. Experimented with some mograph techniques in Cinema 4D. 04 CSI Animal: Full graphics branding for tv series. Animated using a variety of illustrations, images, and textures to get the grungy dark look. 05 Making Democracy: Using modified GSG City kit, for the models, and tracking the cameras and object buffers into after effects to add the images on the buildings.

AnimationArt DirectionMotion Graphics

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